Expert Mobile Phone Screen Repairs In town, county

We understand how important your mobile phone is in everyday life and how devastating it can be when you drop or damage your phone. Well don't worry we are here to help. We offer affordable and high quality mobile phone screen repairs.

Let us help you get the best repair for your phone and get your life back on track. The repairincludes a warranty period for your own peace of mind.

For your FREE, no obligations mobile phone screen quote, fill in the online form below and someone from your local branch shall contact you for assistance. It's that easy.


What will happen to my data?
Although we try not to remove any data there are some occasions where this isn't possible so we do ask if you can back your BlackBerry up and remove any sim/memory cards. We cannot be held responsible for any data lost on your mobile phone whilst in for repair
Can you repair a memory card fault?
Yes, this can be a common problems with some Samsung models and is something we can repair.
I broke my screen on my HTC, please help me!
It sounds like you need a new screen. For information on how to go about this and the total cost of the repair request a free quote and one of the team will be in touch to answer any questions you may have.
What if its just my LCD thats cracked?
As there are so many makes and models of mobile phones today the cost can vary. To get your free mobile phone screen repair quotation please fill out the contact form above and a member of our team for will contact you.
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